• Practicing Gratitude

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    Remember that humans were designed to struggle. So, with confidence and determination, our greatness emerges. 

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  • Expectations VS Reality: 4 Dental Myths DEBUNKED!


    Believe it or not, your oral health impacts many different areas of your total well being. Did you know your oral health can contribute to heart disease, diabetes, blood cell disorders, and bacterial pneumonia?

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  • What dental problems qualify as dental emergencies?

    Dental emergencies are potentially life-threatening and require immediate treatment to stop ongoing bleeding or to relieve intense pain or infection.

    During regular hours, Polin Dentistry grants priority to dental emergencies, same-day for urgent cases, and typically ASAP appointments.

    A doctor is always on call 24/7 if urgent care is necessary.


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  • Gum Disease: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    No doubt 2020 has made us change our way of life, and yet, our dental care needs remain the same. Your teeth, much like any other key part of your body, need special care. 


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  • This is the Life Cycle of your Teeth

    Once your permanent teeth come in they aren’t supposed to fall out, however, some of these factors can cause you to lose adult teeth.


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  • Polin Dental - We are open and accepting patients at our Boca Raton dental office.

    Polin Dental - We are open and accepting patients at the Boca Raton dental office.

    As of 5/4/2020

    We are excited to announce that Polin Dental will again see patients in our Boca Raton dental office.

    As we adjust our schedules and office flow to support the official recommendations, made by the American Dental Association (ADA) we ask for your patience and understanding as we move through different reopening phases. 

    Your Polin Dental Care Team
    Boca Raton, FL

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  • Why, When, What Type, and How to Floss

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    If you are flossing every day and still see a lot of plaque buildup, chances are you're not doing it right. When you floss incorrectly it can cause bleeding and damage to your gums and any surrounding dental work. 

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  • 10 Ways to Love Your Teeth.

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    February, the month of love, AND the American Heart Month! Here are 10 easy things to keep your smile and heart healthy! 

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