Simple Tricks for Overcoming Dental Anxiety Forever

Posted by Polin Dental Feb 28, 2023

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Dental phobia, also known as dental anxiety, is a very common problem. It is the extreme fear of going to the dentist. Some people feel nervous and anxious just thinking about an upcoming dental appointment. Others experience severe anxiety and panic at the mere thought of seeing the dentist.

Discuss your fear with your dentist

When you talk to your dentist about your fear, then he'll know better how to calm you down. You'll also be able to express your concerns and fears more freely. The dentist will also be able to suggest other ways to ease your anxiety, such as using sedatives. Sedatives can be used for longer appointments. They can also help block pain signals so you won't feel as much discomfort during a procedure.

By asking your dentist questions about the comfort techniques offered by the practice and more, you can learn more about their approach to patient care and how they might make you feel more comfortable overall. Patients who are happy with their new dental practice are more likely to keep up with their regular dental care appointments, which is key to maintaining a healthy smile.

Agree on a signal

Before your procedure begins, ask your dentist how you should indicate when to stop the procedure at any time. Patients sometimes get nervous during dental procedures and don't want to hurt their smile by continuing a procedure when it's no longer necessary. It's best if you and your dentist are both on the same page when it comes to stopping your treatment. Your dentist will let you know what a signal should be in the chair. A quick tap of the hand or a hand raise may be all that's needed to indicate that you're not comfortable any longer. When you meet your new dentist for the first time, be sure you ask them about their patient comfort techniques, such as how they communicate with patients or how they operate the chair in relation to the patient. 

Take a friend or family member with you for support

Your friend or family member can talk you through the appointment. She can also chat with the dental staff regarding your medical history and your medication history to keep your safety a priority. If she prefers not to remain in the room during the procedure, she can take a seat in the waiting area until you're done. Allowing your friend or loved one to be there for you will ease some of your anxiety.

Consider sedation dentistry

Before your appointment begins, you should discuss with the hygienist or assistant which type of sedative you'll be getting. This way, you can prepare beforehand. Common dental sedation we offer includes oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation.

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