Makeover Gallery

Smile Makeover Gallery: Polin Dental in Boca Raton

Extreme Smile Makeover 01

Wendy came to us complaining she looked like a hillbilly. Dr. Polin perfected her smile with all-porcelain crowns on all of her top teeth.

Extreme Smile Makeover 02

The decision to undergo a smile makeover took Sandra over a year, but when her makeover was finished she could not have been happier. For Sandra, an all-porcelain crown smile makeover transformed a lifelong problem. Her smile had unsightly gaps and severely worn and broken teeth. We perfected her bite and closed the gaps. Look at her smile now, she is so happy!

Extreme Smile Makeover 03

Scott had talked about a smile makeover for some time. After many happy years of service, his original veneers had cracked and discolored. It took Scott a good while to finally decide to have his smile redone. Porcelain crowns with implants on his upper and lower teeth completely revitalized his confident beautiful smile.

Extreme Smile Makeover 04

Brad did not like the color or crowding of his upper teeth. The solution was a smile makeover with porcelain veneers on his 8 upper front teeth. Brad’s wife loved his new look as much as he did.

Extreme Smile Makeover 05, Dental Implant & Cap

This patient had an upper front tooth that was malformed and much too small for the space that was present. The treatment consisted of the removal of this small "baby-like" tooth and its replacement with a dental implant and a cap. Orthodontics was used also to help create the right amount of space for the cap to fit over the implant.

Extreme Smile Makeover 06, Two Dental Implants

This patient was missing her two upper front teeth. Two implants were used to replace the two front teeth as seen here.

Extreme Smile Makeover 7, Four Dental Veneers

This new patient came to us wanting to improve his smile, as his front teeth were chipped and misshaped. We fabricated four veneers and applied them to his front top teeth to transform his smile and now his beautiful new smile is visible.

Extreme Smile Makeover 8, Invisalign

This patient was treated with Invisalign to improve his bite and to keep his gums healthy. A beautiful, straight smile is an added bonus! This case took under 12 months.

Extreme Smile Makeover 9, Veneers

This patient is thrilled with his new pearly whites. This beautiful, straight, white smile was achieved with veneers!

Extreme Smile Makeover 10, Veneers

This beautiful, straight, white smile was achieved with veneers. The patient is now excited to smile again!

Extreme Smile Makeover 11, Veneers

This patient had a big birthday coming up and all he wanted was straight white teeth. We did 8 veneers on top and 10 crowns on the bottom to transform his smile.

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